Digital Video Recorder Accessories

Add enhanced functionality to your mobile CCTV installations

More to see and do!

Get the most from your CCTV system with a range of accessories that make it easier to set-up your systems, review recorded files and transfer files to your local computer. We also offer a range of optional devices that add additional safety features such as low bridge driver warning aids. Your CCTV system protects you in more ways than one!

System Reviewer

The Timespace X301 Reviewer ensures a crystal clear view of events as they unfold, the large sharp screen bringing the full scene to life in the hands of the operator.

The Reviewer’s interface maximises the powerful features of the X300, V400 and V500 recorders. With in-built PTZ camera control and current support for both VISCA and PELCO protocols, there is no need for the additional expense of a PTZ interface control box.

   Compatible with Timespace V500, V400, X300, X200 and X100 recorders
   Large 5 inch back light screen
   In-built speaker & 3.5mm headphones jack for audio playback
   2 x digital zoom control available on X300, V400 and V500
   Set-up menu and configuration of Timespace DVRs
   Review footage straight from recorder
   Hot plugable & Power directly from recorder
Models: X301




X301 and V400

Cartridge Station

The Timespace Cartridge Station is a desktop docking device that enables connectivity from all Timespace DVR cartridges to a computer via USB.
   Compatible with V500, V400, X300, X200 and X100 cartridges
   Supplied with PC Link Suite software for reviewing footage
   Simple hot-swappable disk change
   Easy access to recorded files
   No installation / drivers required
   3 year warranty
   Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 compatible.
Models: T605-USB, T705-USB




Bridge Alert

Bridge Alert is a low bridge driver warning aid, integrated with the Timespace V400 vehicle CCTV recorder. Audible and visual low bridge warnings are provided via a dash board mounted device and the drivers CCTV monitor.

Using the existing V400/V500 GPS device and licensed Bridge Clear data, Timespace Bridge Alert is a simple plug and play installation, with free software upgrades.

   Driver CCTV monitor warning
   Flashing red LED warning
   Audible warning (sounder or spoken)
   Vehicle height setting
   1st, 2nd & danger warning bridge distance setting
   Cancel audible warning after 1st warning
   Green ‘operating’ dashboard LED
Models: LBAS



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