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If you’ve not had a mobile CCTV system installed previously or you simply require more information about the system you have then you may find it useful to read our Frequently Asked Question list. If you need to know anything else then contact us directly and we’ll help answer anything you need to know.

Frequently Asked Question List

How long does it take to install a CCTV system?
A basic four camera (all internal) system will take around five hours and can be fitted within the downtime between morning and afternoon school runs.

An eight camera (internal and external) system can take up to eight hours and you should allow for the vehicle to be off the road for a whole day.

I've bought a vehicle that's already fitted with cameras, can you supply and fit a new video recorder?
Yes we can. A certain amount of wiring will need to be changed and should we find any of the cameras are defective these can be replaced at the same time.
How many days recording can I expect to get?
This depends on three things; the capacity of the hard disk cartridge, the number of frames per second at which the cameras are  set to record and the number of hours the vehicle is in use each day.

As a guide, a vehicle used for only four hours per day on school runs with cameras set to record three frames per second using a 500GB hard disk cartridge should yield 7-10 days recording as a guide.

To achieve the maximum length of recording, particularly on service vehicles, you should consider a system which will operate on a minimum 1TB hard disk cartridge.

Do I bring my vehicle to you for the installation?
No. Our installation service covers all of the UK and our engineers will come to you and carry out the installation at your premises.
I have a number of vehicles which need fitting, is it possible to spread the cost of this?
Yes. To avoid a large capital investment we can arrange a lease/rental plan over however many years would suit you (generally between 1 and 5 years). This is subject to status, finance terms and conditions can be provided on request.
How quickly could you carry out the installations?
This varies but we try to keep to a two week lead time, or sooner if possible.

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