Service and Repair

Our engineers can get your mobile CCTV systems back on the road!

MOT your CCTV!

Like all mechanical and electrical hardware things can sometimes go wrong. Vibrations from years on the road, vehicle electrical problems and other conditions can contribute to problems that may develop with your system. Whether fitted by activcameras or another supplier we can help restore your system to full working order.

A Range of Services

Here are some of the more popular services and repairs we offer. If your mobile CCTV system is not performing to the required standards or if you would like to arrange for a system health check for one vehicle or your entire fleet then please contact us with details of the system in question and as much information as you can with regards to the problem. From here we’ll either be able to diagnose the problem remotely or arrange for an engineer to visit your site.

Digital Video Recorders

As authorised Timespace Technology distributors we offer a repair and refurbishment service.

X100 and X200 recorders no longer performing to the required standard can be refurbished. Traditionally after years of service the time and date facility may not function correctly, which indicates the back-up battery needs replacing. This can be changed along with a PCB check-over and at the same time installation of the latest operating software will bring the recorder up to the current specification and ensure further continued good service.


Cartridges wear over a period of time due to constant use. Existing X200 cartridges ranging from 40GB to 320GB can be refurbished and upgraded to 500GB.

This does not apply to X100 cartridges, they cannot be refurbished or upgraded and only replaced with new solid state units.

Service Exchange Units

We are able to supply refurbished X200 recorders and cartridges. This can be useful if customers want to match existing systems on their fleet.


Our engineers are available should your existing systems need repair. This could involve revised system settings of damaged wiring due to other repairs carried out on a vehicle, or even the intrusion of rodents who have gnawed through cabling.

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